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From the Comfort of Your Dental Home

At many other dental offices in Saginaw, you would be referred out to a specialist for any type of oral surgery. At Blue Sky Smiles, we’re proud to be able to provide all your dental needs, including oral surgery, from the comfort of your regular dental office. Dr. Robinson has the advanced training and technology to provide the most comfortable treatment with predictable outcomes. If you’re an anxious or fearful patient, we have sedation available to help you get the care you need.

Tooth Extractions

We know extractions sound scary, but they’ve come a long way in recent years. While our primary goal is to keep your natural teeth healthy and in your mouth, we’re all human and sometimes things happen.

There are many reasons an extraction may be in your best interest. Maybe you have an infected tooth that is past the point of saving with a root canal, or maybe you have a root canal that has failed. Maybe you’ve broken a tooth that is unable to be repaired with a crown. Maybe you have impacted wisdom teeth, excessive crowding, or bite problems. Whatever the reason, rest assured you’re in the most skilled, caring, and capable hands with Dr. Robinson.

Depending on your individual needs and preferences, we can perform extractions using a general anesthetic to put you to sleep or a local anesthetic to numb the area while you are awake. Either way, with our painless injection technology, you will be completely comfortable and won’t feel a thing. Dr. Robinson will give you detailed post-op instructions to follow after the procedure to ensure the fastest, most comfortable recovery for you.

Root Canals

The first thing you should know is that most root canals are not technically surgical, they are more of a restorative technique used to prevent the need for an extraction. However, for more complex cases, endodontic surgery may be required.

Today, root canals are a fairly routine and painless procedure. Dr. Robinson will make a small access hole in the tooth, through which he will use specialized instruments to remove the infection. He will then sterilize and fill the chamber to prevent further infection, and complete the process by crowning the tooth to make sure it is as strong and healthy as possible.

Learn more about root canal therapy

Dental Implant Placement

At Blue Sky Smiles, we make the dental implant process simple because we can complete your treatment from start to finish all under one roof. There’s no need to find an implant specialist in Saginaw for surgical placement, Dr. Robinson has the advanced training and precision technology to surgically place and restore implants from the comfort of your dental home.

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